Monday, January 23, 2012

Wanderings and education

So the other night we decided to continue our adoption education courses. This journey has been crazy already, but we know it will be worth it! 

We took a 1.5 credit class on adopting the older child. While our hearts are still open to it, it brought us to question some things as to why we indeed want to adopt an older child vs. a baby. The jury is still out as to who... but we are trusting God in the midst. It looks like our social worker is coming mid feburary to close out or home study. At that point we will need to have some decision as to where we will be going :(a.k.a- Agency). Would you please join us in praying for direction in this area. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Answered prayer

Yesterday as we had been emailing back and forth with our social worker, she said to call the place directly. The number we had been given was a fax number. So being the witty people we are, we went on to Google (what would we do without it) and found the IL government page.  We looked thru and found the dcfs page. Then called the main number. We asked for a lady, and were switched around for about 10 minutes... but then when we finally got in touch with her she told us they had been caught up with all the background checks. Puzzled by this news we inquired further. She told us then to email to her. I (becke) began filling the form out again when I realized I already had things saved on the computer in our Hope Haas folder. 
So we emailed them last night, and this afternoon we got the email with the forms scanned and checked. 
What a blessing! So where did the forms go in August that we mailed? hm. not sure. But this phase is done, and we are scheduling an appointment with our social worker to finalize the paperwork.  

Now, we need to ask for guidance about where we are going. We will talk to her about Ethiopia still but we are unsure at this point. 

This process is crazy! Its wonderful and tiring all at the same time. How can this be. 

Thanks to everyone who has given and has been praying! We are so grateful to all of you! More than words can say. It was a rough Christmas in that everyone asked how the adoption was going and each time we shared, our hearts grew weary. We praise you Father for giving us a ray of sunshine and your promise to us during this time! Thank you Jesus!