Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Homestudy and tid bits

Begin the Paperwork! Yes, the paperwork is underway!!! what does that mean? The first part of many of paper cuts and countless times of filling out our name, birthdate, our desires, hopes, history,,etc.. has commenced!

We are so excited as things get a little more real each day! But, the process is far from over!
In July Dan and I will be heading to the states, (I to visit Grandma who paid for the ticket, and Dan to go to classes for seminary for a week) and while there we are able to meet with our social worker who only lives a few hours from where we will be!!! Praise God! This means we do not have to pay for their airfare, and other expenses!!!! This is a great blessing and provision from the Lord!

So please pray as July 6th and 7th is when we meet with him in St. Louis! While we are also gone he will be flying to South Korea to walk thru our house, (with the help of friends who are letting him in).
With that, as soon as all the background checks and things come in, hopefully the home study will be approved and we will then be able to apply for grants, and move into the next phase!!!!

Please be in prayer!!!