Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So we were told, that Ethiopia is closing.... hm.. Lord, where do we go from here????

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So tonight we got to spend some time with a family that has adopted from Ethiopia.  We had such a good time of talking, and asking questions. It eased our hearts greatly as we asked lots of questions. They were really gracious and gave us lots of thoughts and ideas.
Was so good to glean wisdom from those that have done this before. We had been getting bogged down in all the paperwork, and this brought us back up and lifted our hearts.
Its an emotional ride as we go through this.

I think the one of the hard parts is the waiting period. Wait for your life to change, wait to have your world upside down. Wait on the government, wait on fingerprints.... wait on this and wait on that. In our get it done now world we live in its so hard to have to wait on things that are beyond your control.

Who likes to have their patience level muscle strengthened or grown... um... I think no one. We generally would rather go with the easy and comfortable. But as you know Dan and I, being comfortable is just not us. We love to get outside our comfort zone. Then again there are times when I just want to fall in line with others, but I generally like to think outside the box.

With that said, this whole process is growing my patience muscle! (joyous)

Thank you dear family for letting us glean your wisdom and see up close an personal your family! We are so completely thankful!!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still waiting...

Yes, we are still adopting and still waiting....

I get that question a great deal, Hows the adoption going?
What I have come to realize is that there is a great deal of waiting invovled in this process. The amazing thing is the more we wait, the more our hearts are getting excited to welcome our children home.

We finished a long course in our adoption education (parenting class) called with Eyes Wide Open.
We learned so much about bonding, the difference in parenting natural children as opposed to adopted children. We also learned a great deal about how people can react to our family. Since we will have afirican children, we will stand out, but we know we are a family. We learned how to talk to our kids about it, and also about their past, and how it affects where they are now. Also there was talk about the grief they experience coming to another country, how they will act.

I am so grateful for my friends who have taught me so much about parenting. You know who you are.

We still have 5 other courses to complete but the one we started with was the longest. We are still waiting on things to come back. We are almost done with the homestudy things.

We went away last week to emotionally rest, and to spend some time with our friends Jeff and Candy. We felt refreshed from our times there. Wow, what a great place to catch up.

Till later-

Sunday, August 14, 2011

time away

so we just returned from vacation where we went to a retreat house within our mission in the Black forest. During our time, we did some personality tests, and evaluations to see how we are doing. This was such a great time of relaxing and decompressing. We went to a thrift store in France, and stumbled upon a winery town.  This was filled with about 20-30 wineries. They even had a Haas winery. We went there just because its our name. We went about a half hour from the place we were staying into Switzerland and enjoyed a date night and also got a BASEL mug!

While on vacation we continued our training courses for adoption.These were on rejection, and grieving. Its was a great time to stop and think on who we are and our parenting style. We have been apart of some great families who parent well. We glean knowledge and experience from them. Also we have been around people who have not parented well and we process that as well.

All this to say, God is working in our hearts preparing us emotionally for our children. I know you can't be really ready for what will happen but at least we are letting go of past issues that have been holding us back, and processing hurts along the way.

Woot woot! God is good!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Corrected ranting

I was rereading the thing I read that made me heart broken in the last blog, and when I reread it, I realized I had totally misread it. Maybe I needed to walk through some things I was dealing with, it seems as the Lord is constantly putting before me the idol I so want to be demolished. Praise the Lord that I am recognizing His hand in all this!

I will seek you Lord in all I do!!!

Thank you Lord for loving me in spite of myself. I am forever grateful of your great love and mercy!
Where would my life be without you....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Processing--- classes--- life

Part of who I am is always wondering, considering, processing.... I think there are days I think to much on things. I love being in the heart of it with people, but what do you do when people don't want you in the heart of it? I love realness is others, but sometimes (I am guilty) its hard for me to communicate with others who are not real with themselves. Sometimes this leaves me lonely, and right now there are many of my friends who have left and I am mourning the loss of them here. So its time for me to put my self out there again, but its so hard. then I think do people even want to get to know me? I fall in this loop hole in the military context that we are not civilians, not military, but we love each of them, and try to serve them the best way we can.
Lately I have been feeling insecure because I have noticed military spouses only want to share with military spouses, how do I fit in this mix? Who do I spend time with other than the youth?
I pulled back this last year as I was way over committed the year before, and its been hard to build back into the community... But then I think, I know why I am here is to serve the military with everything I am and have. Sometimes that means loving when no one loves you back....
ouch that is hard.....

We are having to do 10 semester hours of training online for adoption. This has been helpful in that it makes us think about lots of things like what our children will experience with new food, sounds, a whole host of things.... The first course we are doing is eyes wide open. ITs a 19 chapter class that has homework at the end of each one.
We also are taking, Adopting the older child, Becoming your child's best advocate, Conspicuous Families, Discipline and the Adopted Child, The Journey of Attachment, Lifebooks, Medical Issues of International Adoption, We're home, now what (parents of newly adopted school age children). There is a ton of info in each, we are only thru one course.

I think these classes would be good for parents of kids that have them naturally. that brings me to a question, do parents of natural born kids go thru training?

I will sign off, as I am wandering around with my thoughts.
I am sitting here drinking the ethiopia coffee we got!! YUM YUM!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Parenting classes

So here is a wonder-
Do families that have children naturally go through parenting classes?

We are going through parenting classes, and adoption education classes. We started on the Eyes wide open course. First thing to do was draw a picture of the child you want, and pet the picture like you were talking and interacting with the child.... hm...
This was interesting....

Each chapter has homework after the powere point slides that we have to do and send to our social worker....
Its been interesting...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friends with same passion

I am amazed how the Lord works. In 2007, the Lord brought in our lives 2 families that have forever changed our hearts, and deepen our relationship with the Lord just by knowing them.
Both families have hearts for adoption and missions. Its totally the Lord who has woven our hearts to be united in Him. One of the couples we got to skype with last night, and this totally blessed our hearts. They are in the process of adoption as well and what a blessing to be able to share experiences and struggles. This couple also is providing a website where you can donate to our adoption costs. There will be a meter that will show the progess. We are needing to raise 15,000. If you know anyone who would like to share in the joy of adoption and might be interested in giving toward it, please let me know, or go to the website when its up. We will let you know!

Thanks for listening and journeying with us on this adventure!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Process is started

So its begun.
She came, and we talked for 4 hours. The first was having things explained to us, and what child we would be interested in adopting, and getting wording right. This was hard, but we had prayed in the morning asking the Lord to reveal to us the direction He wanted us to go. We asked him to use our Social worker to speak to our hearts regarding the decision. HE DID!!!!!

Both Dan and my hearts jumped out (didn't discuss till afterwards) when she mentioned our direction. So with that, we are on our way.

We had too many references but thats ok, and we had all but 4 things done for the paperwork which she was super impressed by. Normally you meet, and then have 3 moths to get the paperwork done. We had it all done. (mostly) So this means when we get the things needed, we then will make the final appointment and in thirty days hopefully the homestudy will be approved (she didn't see anything that was glaring). Then after that we get the copies and go to our agency and then it begins.

In the mean times, we are learning everything we need, educating ourselves, and preparing our hearts for what could be a quick process. It might not, but accepting siblings will make it quicker too. This means it could be as soon at Christmas.


Its super exciting to see God leading and directing....
We will let everyone know where we are being led too soon!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So Dan got a call after we frankly realized we forgot a few questions, or rather a text and asked if we could postpone till 2pm. Then she called when we replied and explained to us that her Dad back in the states was having a heart attack and was driving himself to the ER. We of course said no problem and said 2 is fine, and even if that doesn't work Friday at 11 would be ok.
We offered to pray with her, but she was waiting for a call from the states.

Upon her texting back about not being able to come to the 2 we said no problem and understood. So the new date is this friday at 11. This gives us a little more time to check on a few things that we missed.

The emotions were crazy this morning as I woke up a little frustrated( not sure why, maybe stress)and then came back to reality. We were somewhat relieved that she didn't come today, but also we wanted to get thru this. After we found out that she wasn't coming today, I became dizzy, (I think all the drama) and took a nap. My tummy is making crazy noises because of nerves I think. Yikes, what is happening... Beside that I do really feel at peace, although it doesn't sound like it.

So we wait again, looking forward to my coupon party on thursday night so I can get my mind off Friday for a bit!!!

Thanks for listening... wow this really does help blogging and getting it out of my mind and on to the vast land of the internet!


Monday, June 20, 2011

random feverish thoughts the day before

so, tomorrow is the first appointment of many I think. Our social worker is coming at 11 am, and we are feverishly working on finishing those last minute things. Mainly the third bedroom making it look more appealing like a bed room and not a giant craft center. Some friends of ours gave us a nice cabinet to put in the room, and I can almost visualize have little floral fabric, and baskets resembling a little girls room. In fact, I was online last night looking at bedding and little girls room decor. Oh this is fun!!!
We went over most of our paperwork and have most of it done, some things we need more info on and it doesn't look like its going to happen. Previously I had emailed the social worker and asked what we in deed need for today. She said there is three months from when she comes to get the stuff done. This gives us a little relief as tonight we have our middle school summer kick off event, and wednesday we have our high school summer kick-off event. At least tomorrow afternoon and eve we don't have anything planned, so we can curl up and watch a good movie, and debrief all of life... Sounds fun right....

I have been invisioning having little ones running around the house, and picturing what our day will transition too... I am even looking into which home school material to get. But this all in looking not buying as we don't even know the age.

I imagine the difference in our life, and ministry here, and what it will look like. How will be change? It makes me nervous, but also super excited... maybe its the 9 month pregnancy thing happening....

We are also preparing our hearts for the rough times too, the ups and downs of adoption... But what a super ride it will be.

Till the aftermath of tomorrow, please pray!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Your famliy

There is something about digging back through the cobwebs of your mind and unpacking things that have happened in your family, that have shaped you. One of the questions we are unpacking is tell me about your childhood, and your family. What was your role, and how did your parents discipline. This is super good to go thru but also enlightening making you realize why you are the way you are.
For me, well, I have been through a lot of junk in my life, and am so thankful for God pulling me thru dispite myself. I am amazed at how much I have grown in understanding of who I am.

There is a heart idol that the Lord is continually working on getting rid of in my life. This is a good process but hurts at the same time. Something about being in ministry with people makes you feel like you are in a pressure cooker. This process in and of itself has a way of bringing the impurities out. Oh the pruning.

So, please pray, as we finalize things we need, and look forward to meeting our social worker who is familiar with the Cadence as her kids are a part of Cadence Student ministries in Ramstein area! Thank you Lord for bringing her to understand what we do.

Still paperworking....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

wow! so much paperwork.
I am so grateful that Dan and I have discuss'd role and responsibilities within the marriage and house. This is a fluid thing depending on our life stage, but I am super glad if nothing else it makes it easier to fill all this paperwork out. Questions like: How do you make descions as a couple, whats your communcation styles, conflict styles... (thanks Cadence for helping us in discovering so much about ourselves)

The first thing is a 13 page essay type thing, and then about 50 more pages of info. Yikes!!!
I know it will be worth it, and its a small sacrifice we can pay to welcome our child (hope) into our lives!

That being said, we feel like we are in that 9 month phase of having a child, with all the wonders, fears, thoughts... What is amazing is that they always come back to the Lord. The Lord is in charge and has the right child (children) for us out there somewhere and we are confident in His leading.

Meanwhile, I am compiling all the info, investigating homeschool choices... (that in and of it self is overwhelming... )

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

carving down

Well, we have a new direction per/ say. We were thinking of going with Bethany Christian services for the adoption and then Adopt Abroad for the home study, but alas the Lord has given us answers as to who we should go with.

Our home study is set for June, and its been said it could be 2 weeks to 2 years. What a huge gap, but we know that the Lord will bring us our children at His time. Yep- you got it- I said children as we are opening our home to siblings. We are hoping that our social worker approves us having 2 kids, but that is still up in the air till june.

The Lord is carving down desires and narrowing the focus. I am a part of a website that has waiting kids, and I recently received an email about a little girl waiting for a forever family. They are hoping to find a family for her by August otherwise she will be sent back to the orphanage and all the progress she has made would be for naught. This tugged at my heart, but I know any profile I read will tug at it. I am trusting in the Lord to guide us to the child, children that he has for us.

Thanks for praying and listening!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Agency met, and we are underway

hey there to all the bloggers of the internet.
Saturday we met our agency and it went very well. There has been an email sent to set up appointment for our homestudy. Beth is our social worker, and we met the founder of the agency. We were able to ask lots of questions and find out time lines, real issues that would arise, and just really an honest look at what we are about to dive into. As most of you know thats the type of thing I like, the realness. So I was very happy about hearing the good, amazing, bad and ugly.
They gave the process that we would go through thru the US foster care system. We are excited as Dan and I process'd lots together afterwards and still are.
We don't know what hope haas looks like, or what hope haas' looks like, but we know they are being prayed for, and God is moving in them and around them for our special meeting.

I didn't take photos which usually I do, but I was so excited to hear and see what was going on.

thanks for journeying with us together as this could be a long process or then it could be fast. But please pray for God's timing.

Friday, May 6, 2011

meeting the adgency

Tomorrow is the day that we have waited for since we started praying about adoption. It is a big step meeting the Agency we are going to work with. Please pray as tomorrow we go through seminars and gather countless information items. Pray that we will be clear, and that we will walk in faith with the Lord. I will write afterward as I try to debrief what happened.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

book, and random thoughts

So I a just finished reading a book on Adoption from our friends the Pulos'. This book really was amazing, and helped answer questions about how answer questions people ask of you through the process. Also it gave some insight as to the struggles and the joys you will experience.

We are gathering all the info that we need for our may meeting. Please be in prayer as the Lord works on our hearts, and directs our paths. We have many students in the ministry and those that we have come in contact with that have been adopted. They are really open and honest of struggles and joys. One of which said that she was adopted when she was 3 and she was considered unadoptable because she was old. That breaks my heart knowing there are so many children out there that are looking for homes and looking for someone to love and guide them. What a better way to share the love of the Lord. We are going through our house and getting it ready for a home study.

I don't even know who reads these posts, but it helps to jot down the process. We are always constantly amazed by the Lord and how our lives are to reflect the Lord and bring glory and honor to Him. I know that I have done people wrong, but I honestly am doing all I can and know how to live as a passionate follower of God. I pray that people encounter a loving and just God in there interactions with me. I pray they don't remember the junk, but remember the Lord.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hope's book

We are in the process of gathering all our identity info, financial info, and police records to put in our Hope's book. This seems like a ton of work, but when we look at it, we are amazed at just how much we already have done since we work with the Military. Praise the Lord.

We need to write a 1 page summary of who we are, our childhoods, and how we met. How do we do that in 1 page? Just our journey to get married would be longer, but we are praying that the Lord provides just the right words.

In May we will be attending the Adoption Symposium in K-town/Ramstein. We are super excited to go as the agency we have felt led to go with will be there, and also there will be a representative from OK with profile of kids that need forever homes. Please join us in prayer as we look forward to journeying with you (in cyberland) in this process.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hope Haas

we dressed Hope in Military garb as we don't know the gender, and the military context is where the Lord has called us to minister to.

The process has begun.

So, in attempt to blog our journey together with you, here is the journey we started.

It seems odd to have 3 bedrooms waiting to be filled with little or big voices. We have been seeking the Lord as to the direction He would have for us. With some certainany we have decided on an agency to take the next step with. We have been given a list of items we will need, and how to proceed. So, the information getting process has commensed.

The first items we need to do it gather the necessary items and put them in an organized binder. This is after we meet with a lady in Ramstein in May concering children awaiting forever families.

While in the states in March we created a bear. Its name is Hope Haas. This bear is a prayer bear, and something we will giving to the child that enters our heart and home when the Lord see's fit. We pray for the child even now, as the Lord has not revealed to us yet.

Please (:whom ever is out in cyberland praying) pray for guidance, and wisdom in the process. Please pray that We would be faithful in where the Lord calls, and listen to His voice.