Friday, June 10, 2011

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

wow! so much paperwork.
I am so grateful that Dan and I have discuss'd role and responsibilities within the marriage and house. This is a fluid thing depending on our life stage, but I am super glad if nothing else it makes it easier to fill all this paperwork out. Questions like: How do you make descions as a couple, whats your communcation styles, conflict styles... (thanks Cadence for helping us in discovering so much about ourselves)

The first thing is a 13 page essay type thing, and then about 50 more pages of info. Yikes!!!
I know it will be worth it, and its a small sacrifice we can pay to welcome our child (hope) into our lives!

That being said, we feel like we are in that 9 month phase of having a child, with all the wonders, fears, thoughts... What is amazing is that they always come back to the Lord. The Lord is in charge and has the right child (children) for us out there somewhere and we are confident in His leading.

Meanwhile, I am compiling all the info, investigating homeschool choices... (that in and of it self is overwhelming... )

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