Monday, June 20, 2011

random feverish thoughts the day before

so, tomorrow is the first appointment of many I think. Our social worker is coming at 11 am, and we are feverishly working on finishing those last minute things. Mainly the third bedroom making it look more appealing like a bed room and not a giant craft center. Some friends of ours gave us a nice cabinet to put in the room, and I can almost visualize have little floral fabric, and baskets resembling a little girls room. In fact, I was online last night looking at bedding and little girls room decor. Oh this is fun!!!
We went over most of our paperwork and have most of it done, some things we need more info on and it doesn't look like its going to happen. Previously I had emailed the social worker and asked what we in deed need for today. She said there is three months from when she comes to get the stuff done. This gives us a little relief as tonight we have our middle school summer kick off event, and wednesday we have our high school summer kick-off event. At least tomorrow afternoon and eve we don't have anything planned, so we can curl up and watch a good movie, and debrief all of life... Sounds fun right....

I have been invisioning having little ones running around the house, and picturing what our day will transition too... I am even looking into which home school material to get. But this all in looking not buying as we don't even know the age.

I imagine the difference in our life, and ministry here, and what it will look like. How will be change? It makes me nervous, but also super excited... maybe its the 9 month pregnancy thing happening....

We are also preparing our hearts for the rough times too, the ups and downs of adoption... But what a super ride it will be.

Till the aftermath of tomorrow, please pray!

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