Thursday, June 16, 2011

Your famliy

There is something about digging back through the cobwebs of your mind and unpacking things that have happened in your family, that have shaped you. One of the questions we are unpacking is tell me about your childhood, and your family. What was your role, and how did your parents discipline. This is super good to go thru but also enlightening making you realize why you are the way you are.
For me, well, I have been through a lot of junk in my life, and am so thankful for God pulling me thru dispite myself. I am amazed at how much I have grown in understanding of who I am.

There is a heart idol that the Lord is continually working on getting rid of in my life. This is a good process but hurts at the same time. Something about being in ministry with people makes you feel like you are in a pressure cooker. This process in and of itself has a way of bringing the impurities out. Oh the pruning.

So, please pray, as we finalize things we need, and look forward to meeting our social worker who is familiar with the Cadence as her kids are a part of Cadence Student ministries in Ramstein area! Thank you Lord for bringing her to understand what we do.

Still paperworking....

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