Saturday, June 25, 2011

Process is started

So its begun.
She came, and we talked for 4 hours. The first was having things explained to us, and what child we would be interested in adopting, and getting wording right. This was hard, but we had prayed in the morning asking the Lord to reveal to us the direction He wanted us to go. We asked him to use our Social worker to speak to our hearts regarding the decision. HE DID!!!!!

Both Dan and my hearts jumped out (didn't discuss till afterwards) when she mentioned our direction. So with that, we are on our way.

We had too many references but thats ok, and we had all but 4 things done for the paperwork which she was super impressed by. Normally you meet, and then have 3 moths to get the paperwork done. We had it all done. (mostly) So this means when we get the things needed, we then will make the final appointment and in thirty days hopefully the homestudy will be approved (she didn't see anything that was glaring). Then after that we get the copies and go to our agency and then it begins.

In the mean times, we are learning everything we need, educating ourselves, and preparing our hearts for what could be a quick process. It might not, but accepting siblings will make it quicker too. This means it could be as soon at Christmas.


Its super exciting to see God leading and directing....
We will let everyone know where we are being led too soon!

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