Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friends with same passion

I am amazed how the Lord works. In 2007, the Lord brought in our lives 2 families that have forever changed our hearts, and deepen our relationship with the Lord just by knowing them.
Both families have hearts for adoption and missions. Its totally the Lord who has woven our hearts to be united in Him. One of the couples we got to skype with last night, and this totally blessed our hearts. They are in the process of adoption as well and what a blessing to be able to share experiences and struggles. This couple also is providing a website where you can donate to our adoption costs. There will be a meter that will show the progess. We are needing to raise 15,000. If you know anyone who would like to share in the joy of adoption and might be interested in giving toward it, please let me know, or go to the website when its up. We will let you know!

Thanks for listening and journeying with us on this adventure!

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