Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hi ho, Hi ho its off to the Consulate we go!

Here we are in the car right before we headed in to turn our paper in. There were no electronics of any kind that you could take in, so we kept them all in the car. This is the lynch pin in the whole thing as this form will go to the Russian Government with our home study to make (Hope Haas) offical when we get there. Basically this form is claiming we are adopting an orphan from Russia. We then can get the passport upon receiving the child. So much paper work its crazy!

Hope we are coming.... in the mean time, we are praying like crazy for you! Can't wait to meet you!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Consulate visit with soap thrown in.

The process is moving. Tomorrow we go to the Consulate in Frankfurt and file a form. The kicker is its 750.00 to give the form. CRAZY! But, its all worth it when we get to hold our little one. We are excited, and feel the anticipation mounting. We are arranging the guest room in our house to make it a child's room. Also paint is going up on the wall, (blue) but with green and other colors. This will make it more child friendly.
Can you feel the excitement growing? I am envisioning being a mom (although technically I am with children in Heaven) and what my day will entitle. I also anticipate people giving me advice, and how I will respond.
Today someone asked about the adoption, and gave Dan a horror story about Russia. While there heart may be in the right spot, its so not helpful to share the horrors. Its like me saying to someone oh let me tell you the horror stories I have heard about being pregnant. Where is the encouragement?

Anyhow, I will get off my soap box. All this to say, its super helpful to be encouraging, and if you have something negative to say, think first as to if it will be helpful and not scarring.

Please pray as we try and get our forms turned in. I will post tomorrow and let you know.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Contract- phone call, etc

YEAH! Our contract is on its way, and registration will be completed this week, so all we are waiting for is the registration form to be sent to the Russian orphange so they can match us up. Then we will be on our way!! Then it will REALLY GET REAL!

We talked with our agency, and they said about 2-8 months till completion. SO EXCITED!!!
Can you tell....

I sit and wonder what they will look like? What characteristic will they have?? Will they be shy, loud, artistic, super smart?? So excited to find out!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

money and contract

So, we are moving money over to the agency. Its moving. Its moving!!!
We are praying that it will be painless as we dive into the next phase.

Please pray, as we need to give them close to 40k. Pray the Lord will provide, and that He will be honored above all.
I ( Becke) will be stepping back from high school ministry to get things ready for the child, and to get things moving at home. This will be a hard thing to do, but exciting as well. Please pray as I change roles...