Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So Dan got a call after we frankly realized we forgot a few questions, or rather a text and asked if we could postpone till 2pm. Then she called when we replied and explained to us that her Dad back in the states was having a heart attack and was driving himself to the ER. We of course said no problem and said 2 is fine, and even if that doesn't work Friday at 11 would be ok.
We offered to pray with her, but she was waiting for a call from the states.

Upon her texting back about not being able to come to the 2 we said no problem and understood. So the new date is this friday at 11. This gives us a little more time to check on a few things that we missed.

The emotions were crazy this morning as I woke up a little frustrated( not sure why, maybe stress)and then came back to reality. We were somewhat relieved that she didn't come today, but also we wanted to get thru this. After we found out that she wasn't coming today, I became dizzy, (I think all the drama) and took a nap. My tummy is making crazy noises because of nerves I think. Yikes, what is happening... Beside that I do really feel at peace, although it doesn't sound like it.

So we wait again, looking forward to my coupon party on thursday night so I can get my mind off Friday for a bit!!!

Thanks for listening... wow this really does help blogging and getting it out of my mind and on to the vast land of the internet!


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