Saturday, April 9, 2011

The process has begun.

So, in attempt to blog our journey together with you, here is the journey we started.

It seems odd to have 3 bedrooms waiting to be filled with little or big voices. We have been seeking the Lord as to the direction He would have for us. With some certainany we have decided on an agency to take the next step with. We have been given a list of items we will need, and how to proceed. So, the information getting process has commensed.

The first items we need to do it gather the necessary items and put them in an organized binder. This is after we meet with a lady in Ramstein in May concering children awaiting forever families.

While in the states in March we created a bear. Its name is Hope Haas. This bear is a prayer bear, and something we will giving to the child that enters our heart and home when the Lord see's fit. We pray for the child even now, as the Lord has not revealed to us yet.

Please (:whom ever is out in cyberland praying) pray for guidance, and wisdom in the process. Please pray that We would be faithful in where the Lord calls, and listen to His voice.

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