Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hope's book

We are in the process of gathering all our identity info, financial info, and police records to put in our Hope's book. This seems like a ton of work, but when we look at it, we are amazed at just how much we already have done since we work with the Military. Praise the Lord.

We need to write a 1 page summary of who we are, our childhoods, and how we met. How do we do that in 1 page? Just our journey to get married would be longer, but we are praying that the Lord provides just the right words.

In May we will be attending the Adoption Symposium in K-town/Ramstein. We are super excited to go as the agency we have felt led to go with will be there, and also there will be a representative from OK with profile of kids that need forever homes. Please join us in prayer as we look forward to journeying with you (in cyberland) in this process.

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