Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Agency met, and we are underway

hey there to all the bloggers of the internet.
Saturday we met our agency and it went very well. There has been an email sent to set up appointment for our homestudy. Beth is our social worker, and we met the founder of the agency. We were able to ask lots of questions and find out time lines, real issues that would arise, and just really an honest look at what we are about to dive into. As most of you know thats the type of thing I like, the realness. So I was very happy about hearing the good, amazing, bad and ugly.
They gave the process that we would go through thru the US foster care system. We are excited as Dan and I process'd lots together afterwards and still are.
We don't know what hope haas looks like, or what hope haas' looks like, but we know they are being prayed for, and God is moving in them and around them for our special meeting.

I didn't take photos which usually I do, but I was so excited to hear and see what was going on.

thanks for journeying with us together as this could be a long process or then it could be fast. But please pray for God's timing.

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