Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So tonight we got to spend some time with a family that has adopted from Ethiopia.  We had such a good time of talking, and asking questions. It eased our hearts greatly as we asked lots of questions. They were really gracious and gave us lots of thoughts and ideas.
Was so good to glean wisdom from those that have done this before. We had been getting bogged down in all the paperwork, and this brought us back up and lifted our hearts.
Its an emotional ride as we go through this.

I think the one of the hard parts is the waiting period. Wait for your life to change, wait to have your world upside down. Wait on the government, wait on fingerprints.... wait on this and wait on that. In our get it done now world we live in its so hard to have to wait on things that are beyond your control.

Who likes to have their patience level muscle strengthened or grown... um... I think no one. We generally would rather go with the easy and comfortable. But as you know Dan and I, being comfortable is just not us. We love to get outside our comfort zone. Then again there are times when I just want to fall in line with others, but I generally like to think outside the box.

With that said, this whole process is growing my patience muscle! (joyous)

Thank you dear family for letting us glean your wisdom and see up close an personal your family! We are so completely thankful!!!!!

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