Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still waiting...

Yes, we are still adopting and still waiting....

I get that question a great deal, Hows the adoption going?
What I have come to realize is that there is a great deal of waiting invovled in this process. The amazing thing is the more we wait, the more our hearts are getting excited to welcome our children home.

We finished a long course in our adoption education (parenting class) called with Eyes Wide Open.
We learned so much about bonding, the difference in parenting natural children as opposed to adopted children. We also learned a great deal about how people can react to our family. Since we will have afirican children, we will stand out, but we know we are a family. We learned how to talk to our kids about it, and also about their past, and how it affects where they are now. Also there was talk about the grief they experience coming to another country, how they will act.

I am so grateful for my friends who have taught me so much about parenting. You know who you are.

We still have 5 other courses to complete but the one we started with was the longest. We are still waiting on things to come back. We are almost done with the homestudy things.

We went away last week to emotionally rest, and to spend some time with our friends Jeff and Candy. We felt refreshed from our times there. Wow, what a great place to catch up.

Till later-

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  1. Hi Becke-I wanted to thank you again for your precious and encouraging letters while I was in Russia. God led you to write just the thing I needed to read each day! I am so excited for y'all's adoption, and I have been/will be praying for you. I am blessed to have you for a sister in Christ and I hope we can meet in person some day!