Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So we were told, that Ethiopia is closing.... hm.. Lord, where do we go from here????


  1. Not that this makes it any easier, but none of this is a surprise to the Lord. What may completely knock us in the gut is all part of His grande design. May He reveal a new part of His plan to you, soon.

    We are giving our Christmas to various charities this year as a Thank You to the Lord for His great blessings. Hayden has chosen to give toward your adoption. He doesn't necessarily want to go through the t-shirt fundraiser as we read that only 25-45% of the proceeds go to you. How shall we donate directly to you?

  2. wow- thanks so much! You can either send to money to us, or you can give to Cadence as a special Gift (that would be an option for a tax reciept)
    our address is Box 6381
    That is so special, and really thoughtful.
    We have a peace about not going to Ethiopia which is totally the Lord. We just don't have any direction now..We are not sure where God is going to lead at this point but we are excited about the journey.

  3. Okay, we will give directly to you guys so you can put it toward your adoption. Sorry you are not hearing any direction as of yet but you will, as soon as God wants you to. You also have our prayers that the waiting will be as special as the actual adoption. There is so much growing to be done in the waiting,,,