Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back in the Saddle again!

I don't know where to even begin in this blog post, or how to convey what the Lord has been doing in regards to adoption. So, I will just start and see where the Lord leads.
In October, we were nudged by the Lord to start the adoption process again. So, we contacted our agency about needing to update our home study that was finished. We waited for a response and felt really hopeful,  until we got a response and lost the hopefulness.
Basically we were told we needed to start everything from scratch. This was a complete blow to our spirits as we knew we needed to have it updated, but to do everything all over? Really?
We became a bit numb and disenfranchised with the whole process at that point. Over Christmas and New years we really were just processing, and praying, and waiting. Clinging on to the Hope we knew, the Hope we hoped for, even though it was a small little glimmer that didn't shine really bright.

The Lord began to work on our hearts again and soften them to the process again. We continued to pray for our little one who is out there. This was our Hope!
Talking with friends here in Korea, an agency came up lots of times in every circle we were apart of. We began to take notice, and Dan and I both started wondering what the Lord was doing. We started talking and praying more, and asking God for wisdom. When discussing where the Lord was leading Dan mentioned a country that I previously had not even wanted to consider. I asked the Lord why, and what the was the reason because at the time, I didn't have one. I don't know why I didn't want to adopt someone from there, but I really sought the Lord. While here in Korea we have been bombarded with the culture of babies being abandoned, and left on streets, garbage cans, etc. This has burdened our hearts so very much for the Asian culture.

We have decided to start the adoption home study process once again but going with China. I will link a video below that is an hour, but it really explains so much of why.  In China, there is a one child law in place, and if a girl is born 9 out of 10 are aborted because everyone wants a son. This is so sad, and there are thousands of orphans who are waiting for a forever home. What can we do about this? The treatment of females in China is hard to fathom,  and makes our hearts sad. Its a patriarch society and places a higher value on men than woman. Again, makes my heart sad.
Today, February 2nd, we sent our application, with address from when we were 18, and a photo in to Small World Adoption. This agency is a Christian agency and places such a high value on adoption from the Biblical perspective. We are so excited to begin again this journey.

Please pray for us, and for our Hope Haas that we would be united in the Lord's time. With adoption we have need for funding again. We raised enough to cover the last home study, (which will come in handy for this one) and will once again need to raise funding.  We know the Lord is faithful!

Who will be our Hope?


  1. Oh Becky, this is so beautiful. Relating to your journey of hope, disappointment, being afraid to hope, and hope again that seems to permeate this process, though I know our stories are probably different. I am praying for you and so excited to see this whole process unfold!

    1. Susan, thanks! I would love to have coffee with you. I want to learn from your experience!!!