Monday, April 28, 2014

moving and home study.

Well, we took another step. We moved, (well we had to due to mass amount of mold) and now we are settling and gearing up for another home study visit. We are awaiting the call to schedule.
We were able to pay thanks to the many people who have given so freely to help bring Hope home!

The home study was 2300. We have raised thus far,  about 5100. We still are in need of 20k, but that will come in time. We will be having another auction in August/September timeframe!

We are so blown away by the selflessness of many. It overwhelms us at times. We will be adopting a special needs child and as of now, our hearts are drawn towards the older children. Older meaning 5 or 6.  We have heard it time and again that it will bring more challenges. We know. We are not going into this with rose coloured glasses, but glasses filled with the Grace and love of Christ. We know there will be days that we just don't know what to do, and days we will be exhausted. We know that the child will have a bit more things that are learned. We know all this, but we also know that God is equipping us for what we need, today, and will equip us during those times.

Please join us in this adventure. We don't know where the Lord will take us, but we do know that following Him is the best for us.

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