Saturday, July 19, 2014

Homestudy progress, LOI, and new photos

We met our social worker in St. Louis while here in the USA. Our walk thru of our house in Korea will be August 2nd as well as 2 more interviews.  We have an approved LOI (letter of intent) that China has approved. WE now wait for the home study to finish, and then we move forward. Please pray for that while we wait for the finished home study. 

Meanwhile, enjoy some of our news photos of Lily Cathryn Hope Haas. 

can't wait to be able to do her hair and get a cute hair cut. 

She does look so cute in piggy tales!!

She has grown a little from the Last photo. (see below)
(older photo)

Thank you for going on this journey with us. 
Also, something amazing has happened that blows us both away. Camp Humphreys VBS is raising funds to bring Lily home. When we were told this was going to happen, both Dan and I were completely speechless. Really we had and still have no words. We have just tears. 

One thing that the Lord pointed out to my heart that when I was watching the Steven Curtis Chapman conference for his foundation for families adopting I would see videos of families that had there whole church behind them. I thought to myself wow, we will never get that. Lord, that would be amazing, but I am content Lord is however you are willing to work. 
Little did I know HE was weaving a unbelievable story of bring Lily home! 

All we are required to do is: 
Psalm 46:10  " Be still and know HE IS GOD" 

So, here we are, in stillness knowing the Lord is at work in a way we can not even fathom. 

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