Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Nerves and Waiting

Tuesday we sent off our next round of paperwork that will when its approved give us travel approval. We are so excited to say the very least. Right after the package was sent I was at praise team practice for PWOC and one of the songs we started with was It is Well.
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What a beautiful blessing from my Lord to remind my heart that Lily is HIS child! Its his timing and to remember what He has done all along. Thank you my Father!

So often we forget of Gods faithfulness. Why is that? There has been many lessons the Lord has taught me over this period of waiting and trusting. One of the many is when I take my eyes and thoughts off the Lord that's when I forget. It comes back to the verse Phil 4:8-9 that the Lord is constantly reminding me of His peace. I pray my friends that your heart and thoughts would be focused on the Lord this day!

I will continue to write out the lessons the  Lord is showing and teaching. We will be blogging here while in China so you can follow the journey. A friend of mine is going to post on here from the email I send her.

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