Monday, July 13, 2015

We have Travel Approval!!!! Lily here we come!

Its with great joy I can share we have travel approval. What does this mean? The frenzy can begin. We have a gotcha day of the third of August. We will fly into China the 1st and have a day to have our guide take us around. We will meet Lily August 3rd!

Its amazing to my heart that the day that we prayed for since 2010 is finally here. Our adoption journey that the Lord truly has taken us on has been filled with twists and turns. We are not the same people now than when we started this journey. We have grown a ton and even moved to another country.

We are excited and are terrified at the same time. Our thoughts are filled with the questions of what if, and attachment, and language, and love, and cuddling. Yep we are all over the map.

We will have a friend of ours updating this blog while in China so be on the look out.

Woohoo! Here we go!

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