Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reflections and Goodbyes

We have more luggage on this trip home than we have ever traveled with. Yes I know traveling with a child we will have more but we have lots of items for Lily from others on this trip home!
To say she is the same as when we got here is a vast understatement.
When we arrived Lily was jet lagged and terrified. She was experiencing so much of everything and with people she had only known for 2 weeks. Her trust level has risen with us now which is a great thing.
Shes experienced many new foods while here but her favorites so far are blueberries, cantaloupe, and eggs. She had an obsession with yogurt but that has faded.  I am constantly in awe of how she is doing in spite of all of this traveling.

We have her passport, her Social Security card but were unable at this time to get a visa. We have to readopt her to get a US birth certificate. This is because Korea does not honor the Chinese birth certificate. So, in order for this to happen we first need the certificate of citizenship which will come in the mail sometime in the next few months. Once that certificate comes, then we go through more paperwork to readopt her which follows by applying for a visa. We are unsure at this time whether we can do all this in Korea or have to fly somewhere.  We do however have to leave the country ever 90 days for her. She needs to go to another country and then she can come back for another 90 days. Repeat this process until we get the visa! Forced vacations. Those force vacations need money, so we will have to be so very frugal because we have lost support each month. Please pray for that, that the Lord would stir those that He has to join our Ministry team!

We are headed to the airport tomorrow morning for a 6am flight. We arrive Friday the 11th around 230pm. Please pray for our little one during this time as she shows lots of emotions now. Pray for a peaceful heart. 

Below are some photos of goodbyes!

One with Gong Gong and Pow Pow and the other with Tai low low. (Beckes Grandma)

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