Thursday, October 22, 2015

meltdowns and progress

Well to say yesterday was a calm day would be a vast understatement.
Lily had a super rough day and had some meltdowns. Mama had a few herself and tried to keep calm.
Lily has started using the word NO. Terrible twos, yes please!

She could not process mama correcting her in her use of the word no. This caused her to regress emotionally. Cue the Dog coming toward her and regressed again. Ok, so we got home and she was good then another incident happened and BAM emotional regression so Dan and I sat with her on the kitchen floor and brought in the dolls to engage her again.

The day ended with snuggles on the couch and kisses again. Wow, what a tiring day! We know this will happen but wow was it exhausting.

Then, today Lily was bright eyed and chipper. Today we painted a little and I could tell in many ways her art has improved as well as her recognition of objects. So, then I asked her if she wanted to paint a picture for Baba. She said yes! I said, maybe you could do a picture of you and Baba. So, she decided to instead draw a picture of us as a family!

This was huge as it was the first time she recognized us as a family! WOOHOO!!!
So, after a hard day yesterday today brought much progress! Heres to the emotional roller coaster of parenting and adoption parenting at that!


Also, I had Lily stand against the height measurement thing and she has grown since September! WOOHOO!

Here is the portrait in a frame already to put on the wall! 

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