Monday, February 27, 2012

Haiti or not???

The day before our middle school retreat we got a call from a mom here in Wiesbaden who works with her church back home finding homes for children.  She told us about 2 sisters from Haiti who needed a new home as the one they were in now wanted to get rid of them.  They both had some issues (which we expect) but we had to weigh out some options. They were 7 and 10, and were survivors from the earthquake in Haiti. They had been adopted to a family in CO, and that family now wants to pass them along after 2 years. One girl has PTSD (duh, her life has been tramatic) and one has ADHD.
There would be no cost to us as the family wanted to have it a private thing with 2 lawyers going family to family. While this was ideal for us, we wanted the Lord's guidance and seek guidance of others. Plus, the day before a big retreat is not the ideal time of life altering choices.

After much prayer and guidance, we decided not to go forward... here is the main reason. Although our heart was to rescue them, there is a difference in being called to rescue or called to parent. Both Dan and I had some reservations, and neither of us had a peace about it. We knew the Lord was telling us, see there are kids out there, just wait for the ones I have for you.

This week we will be finalizing our homestudy finally. The next process is finding an agency. As of now, we have no calling or leading to a specific one, but we know the Lord will sort it out. We are just called to be faithful and listen to His voice.

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  1. Sometimes saying no in obedience is easier than saying yes in obedience. Especially when your heart is longing to rescue. I applaud your willingness to follow the Lord's leading and pray, along with you, that those sweet girls will find their forever home soon.