Saturday, March 10, 2012

ITS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ITS IN!!! 
Its finally in. can it be?

We met with our social worker today, after a few reschedules due to sickness on both parts. But, its finally in.
After all the id, taxes, backgrounds and education classes we are finally on our way to finding Hope. When we went into this meeting, we were unsure of where the Lord was leading. OF course we thought about things, and the best options, but when talking with her we had all our fears and questions answered. The Lord was answering thru her, and she didn't even know it. Amazing. 
This paper chase is likened to 9 months of pregnancy as it has all the same emotions, but the added stress of not knowing time, and who the Lord will have. 
We did get some direction as to where the Lord might be leading, but we are in prayer stage at the moment. We are hoping to go with Bethany Christian Services from Virginia Beach as we met someone in a similar spot who worked with them. There adoption went quick meaning in 3 months after the homestudy they went to go get the baby. Amazing.....
So here we sit, waiting to see what the Lord will do. 


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