Monday, March 12, 2012

We Have Direction!

Russian Children in a school!

Children from Columbia!

Our heart was to adopt from Bethany Christian and we have been trying to get in touch with them for a year. We finally got info from our case worker that she worked with a family that went thru Bethany and they live here in Germany. So we got really excited, and contacted the person she went with at Bethany.  This lady was amazing, and helped in lots of ways. She got in touch with the office in Il that we have residency with and finally we got some answers. Because of Illinois laws, we have to be foster parents first in order to adopt. We had been praying for direction and felt like if they came with a no, than we knew we were supposed to adopt from Columbia.  So, after a crazy email chain today, we are staying with the agency we are doing our home study with and adopting one or two children from either Russia, or Columbia. 

Its a weird thing when looking at listing of children waiting for forever homes. My heart breaks, as I think how can I look at these kids and only decided on one. There are so many that need homes. 
My heart breaks reading the profiles, and stories, but reality is we can't adopt everyone, but we can do our part. We also know that the Lord has children out there for us, waiting to call us Momma and Daddy. Even typing those words, is a strange thing thinking about the thought of that. 

I also think of the scene in the movie Facing the Giants. The main character's wife shares a statement and says, " I just keep thinking, how can I miss someone so much that I have never even met." 

This is our hearts cry as we think of our kids out there waiting for us. We pray daily for them, that they would be protected and that the Lord would draw us to them in His timing.

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