Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seeing the Lord again in Canada!

Canada,  was as beautiful as I remember. We drove up along the coast in Canada and stayed in Niagara Falls for a night. Wow, what glory and splendor. We had a God moment as we were on the Maid in the Mist tour. (see photo below of us in our get ups) We were going by a part of the falls and a GIANT rainbow appeared, and the overwhelming thought came to me that all these people day after day multiple times a day come by and see God's promise, and how many of them miss it? How many realize they have just seen the Lord display himself in wonder....
 Our attempt at a photo...

 someone was willing to take another one.

 I little glimpse into what we saw.

Just after going thru this series of wonderings, a (what I thought was a dove) flu in the view with the rainbow. I was in awe at that moment. The rest of the day, paled in contrast to that. Thank you Lord, for revealing yourself to me, and so many others. I pray that they see you someday for everything you are. 


 We were treated to a pedicure!

 Starbucks treat in London, Ontario
 How do you like your Poutine?

 Poutine (Fry's  with cheese and Bacon)

We were able to just do life for a few days at Leah's folks house. What a joy and an honor to fellowship with such believers. There place was amazing, as it was like an Oasis. They had a pool, and a lush backyard that you could just be. 
The joy I had not only spending time with Leah, but getting to know her Sister that she loves and talks SO much about. I loved playing in the pool, and racing with the tubes. She is a joy and delight. 
Thank you Leah for sharing your heart and family with us. WE LOVE YOU

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