Thursday, August 16, 2012

The odd life of Timothy green, (movie made for us)

Last night we went to see the movie, and we had NO idea what we were about to in counter. The Lord met us there in the movie theater in an unexpected way. I think there were a few things that really stuck out to me. One the idea of letting go of our idea of the family we should have, and release that. This impacted me in a few ways, 1. I have been holding on to the idea of having our own biological child someday, and realized how much that was impacting the healing of my own heart. This movie pointed out that I needed to let it go. 2. The movie also had 2 kids in it. The first one was timothy. The second at the end was lilly. Both of those names are significant in that those are both of the names we picked out for our own kids. This hit us like a block of bricks and a flood of emotion came over us.
At the end of the movie, timothy put in there wish box, a letter statting now they are ready to be parents. They had to let go of their Idea, their grief, and the hopes in what they wanted, and in turn get what the Lord wanted for them. I have been holding on to the grief of wanting kids…. But not understanding the Lord has other ideas for us. We just need to be faithful in following him.
This movie was made just for us. How did the Lord do that? Spent all that money just for us. Wow, I feel completely honored. Thank you Jesus.

One never chooses the path the Lord has for you. Obviously the Lord chooses it for you. Its hard to grieve the idea.

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