Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sending love and some musings of the journey

I think one of the biggest things with the adoption process is hurry up and wait. Its time between different paperwork frenzies to let God chip away at the impurities and prepare you more for the journey ahead. 
Its similar to being missionaries and raising support. Its going through the waiting process so you can see the Lord provide so that in those hard times you can look back and say, God provided and this is His design for us. He did call us to this.

Lily's birthday is this Friday, and a friend of ours gave us a link to the company they use to send packages, birthday cakes, etc. This company will also give you updates of your child. So last night we ordered a birthday cake for Lily, (they will have a little party for her) and a photo album (photos of us) along with a letter. What a beautiful thing to be able to do. We will post some photos as we get them. We are so grateful for the sheer amount of support people are lavishing. 
Below see the photo album! 
( I believe it says My album of love)

We are awaiting our final draft of our home study along with our Dossier that has to authenticated again. It is said, if you can adopt thru China, you can adopt thru anywhere. Its the most strict place to go through.

Dan and I are so excited for the journey, and know that our lives will change. We can't wait. What a joy to be able to get some outfits while I was visiting family in the states. It made it a bit more real. I think its amazing that our relationship with Lily started with a photo and seeking the Lords guidance if we were called to be her parents. 

Below an outfit! 

My next post will be about the incredible blessing of a community coming along side of Lily Hope to bring her home! Yes, our Camp Humphrey's VBS children and community raised funding to bring Lily Hope home. Also they were able to learn about adoption and why that's God's heart.
Stay tuned! 

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