Saturday, September 20, 2014

Humbled by the Provisions of the Lord.

I have to say, I am constantly humbled by the provisions of the Lord.  I am daily reminded of Gods sovereign hand over our lives. What a joy to serve Him.  Yes, the past 2 weeks have been so very difficult for different reasons. I have been emotional and withdrawn. What I do know is that the Lord is shaping my heart, and preparing my heart for something greater. I have come to understand in a more REAL way the Fear of the Lord.  What does it mean to Fear the Lord?  Do you fear the Lord? Meaning, do you fear His amazing hand in everything? His hand when it doesn't feel good? or His hand when you have sinned and realise the depravity of your soul.  

God has shown himself once again to be the provider of everything. If you read any posts from our Facebook Adoption group, heres the scoop. 

"GOD HAS BEEN SO GRACIOUS!!!! When we looked at what we had for our 5600 payment for the next chunk of the adoption, we realised we were short about 1200-1500 dollars. With a sigh of relief we sold 9 starbucks mugs, and that left our total to about 1000. Yesterday someone came and talked with Dan and said, " we want to pay the remaining balance for the next payment". I was again blown away by the graciousness of our Lord! Wow! So, with that we will have enough for the Agency Fee. WOOHOO!! The next big payment will be due in a few months which is 7,000. We are trusting the Lord once again to provide if its His desire."

After this, a friend of ours posted something else. She was getting some ladies together at the community garage sale, and the proceeds were going to Lily Hopes fund! AMAZING!! 
Below are some photos from today. 

Also when I got back home today there was as present on our doorstep. What a special gift from the Lord!! Thank you whomever you are that left this little blessing!! 

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