Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Last night on the 23rd, I was struggling with thoughts of is this adoption even going to happen. Which in turn led me to not experiencing the Joy this Christmas.  I have been to Christmas parties, but there was something in my soul that was all bound up and I was not able to enjoy.  So, last night Dan surprised me with going out and spreading Christmas cheer.  You know from the movie ELF, " The Best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to here" that is what Dan and I did.  
It worked! It worked in my soul.  When we returned home I came across this post from Desiring God. HERE.  

Its truly taking that time, remembering what its about. 

This morning the 24th we woke up to an email that says, CONGRATS! YOUR HOMESTUDY IS OFFICIALLY FINISHED!!!  This means, we have 3 months to get in our next batch of paper work, (that we already have done)to China so that we Officially and legally will get Lily! WOOHOO!!! 

Truly this is a wonderful Christmas gift~ So we hurry up to wait again, but this time, we know next year we will have our daughter in our arms. This step has been such a crazy emotional time, that really we can't even explain fully, but those that have gone through it with us, and  those who have gone through it themselves will know what I mean. 

We are so grateful for your prayers! What does this mean now? Basically the Chinese government knows the Haas family wants Lily but they don't know who the Haas family it. So this second batch of paperwork (the dossier) goes to China explaining and showing them who we are. Once that is approved, there will be a few more steps, and soon we will get to travel and bring her home. I think maybe about June if all goes smoothly, but then again this step has taken a long time. 

 So, sit back and continue to watch God's plan for an orphan unfold! 

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