Friday, August 21, 2015

Bonding days

We have had some really good needed time to bond with Lily. She has had some really good days and good bonding. She has been feeling much more comfortable here at my parents house and is bubbly more upstairs. She still clings to Baba in new circumstances and thats good. He's her protector. Mama gets lots of snuggles, kisses and hugs to and its such a joy!

We went to the post office to find out infromation about where to go to get her passport. The local post office by my parents house doesn't do them. They gave us the name of the person at the one in Rockford that does it.  We went in and talked with them. The gentleman was super nice and came off his break to talk to us. The office staff in the passport area is no more as there have been cuts. So this gentleman called the Downtown Chicago office and they said we could come in and get a same day passport!!! Yippie! So Wednesday we leave super early and travel into Chicago to get a passport. We are praying we get it that day or they said it would be mailed next day.

We have come to enjoy our little family walks at night here in the country. Its a great time for Dan and I to connect to. We talk through our fears, expectations and anxieties. It has been so nice the past few days and its been a joy to walk around outside.

I was able to get out and enjoy some garage sales and found some really good finds. Wednesday during nap time I went to Meijers and Starbucks with my oldest niece! She is so stellar and I really love spending time with her. She is going into 7th grade this year and is a joy to be around.
She asked to have a sushi date before we left like we did last July when I was here.

There are so many joys and moments that take my breath away while getting to know Lily. She loves order, and loves to smile and laugh. Some of the smiling and laughing is showy in that she wants to please us now. We want her to be herself so we are bracing for  more bumps and bruises along the way. Tonight we had a bruise as we asked her to pick up the applesauce she spilled. She knew what she did, looked at it and Dan and shook her head no. So Dan tried again, (I was busy with changing my insulin pump site) and she again said no.  Screaming and crying commenssed and a battle of the wills. We had our Chinese book with what we were trying to say and she understood.  Eventually she gave in and they cleaned it together.

We wonder sometimes if we start now with some light discipline or wait till we get home to Korea. But, in a situation like above there is a difference in when she just does something because she doesnt know and doing something that you know she knows.

Downstairs in my parents house is her safe spot. We are begining to see and understand her signs and symptoms of when she is tired and peopled out.  Lily and Dans introvert blend well together. My extrovert is going a little crazy so I end up talked to whomever I can.  Did I mention I love our little family!!!!

Nai Nai and Ye Ye come to visit!

Today, Oma and Opa Haas (Nai Nai and Ye Ye) came in to stay for a while. We had a down day of relaxing so Lily can get comfortable around them. We played, did bubbles, ate, and ended the day getting ice cream. They brought many goodies with them that were surrounded with love. One such gift was something Lily has fallen in love with. Its an American Girl doll that looks like Lily. What a joy its been to see her light up with the Doll and care for it.  She received many outfits but tonight before bed she wore matching pajamas with the Doll.

Lily has received so many amazing gifts from so many people. These include church members, parents, Grandparents neighbors on both sides and some from people we do not even know. I am constantly blown away by how gracious the Lord has been during this process. Lily is doing really well. She clings to momma at home and when we leave the house she wants her dad, Her protector. They have such a sweet relationship and its such a joy to watch them bond.

 Lily and her Doll!
 Baba and Lily getting Ice Cream
 Lily and her Doll in matching pajamas

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