Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lots going on

We have had a fun couple days as we were visiting with Oma and Opa Haas from California. We had some special times introducing Lily to them and watching their hearts grow toward each other. We went to the Japanese Gardens here and playing at the park. 
We drove to Chicago yesterday to get Lily's passport and they said we had to come back the following day. After that appointment we met Oma and Opa Haas at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. It was fun to see her expressions seeing all the fish and animals. Following that we drove to Woodfield Mall and walked around. This was a special time as we found Lily her first shoes that did not pinch and were comfortable. She raced around running all over with Baba. 

We said goodbye to Dan's parents and went to dinner with a friend before we drove back to my parents house. This was a super long day and Lily was really a trooper. She started to get really squirrelly near the end. She fell asleep on the way home.  She then slept 12 hours last night. 

Today Dan had to go back to Chicago to get her passport with Mom. They went to the Korean Consulate to check on how to get the visa. Well, they got the passport but the visa is a no go until we get the certificate of citizenship. So, we are OK to travel back to Korea, but she has to leave every 90 days until we get that letter. 

Meanwhile Lily, Powpow and Mama went to lunch at steak N Shake and then swimming at Mama's aunts house. The water was frigid but we got in. I think Momma and Auntie were colder. WE did get to spray PowPow with water which was super fun. 

 Momma and Lily in the pool
 Pow Pow playing too.
 Having fun
 Great Aunt Cathy playing with Lily.

 They don't make toys like this anymore. I played with these when I was little! This was so fun!
 Lily's new shoes that light up.
 Saying goodbye to Oma and Opa Haas

 Japanese Gardens
Running down the hills and Great Grandmas. This was seconds before Momma bit the dust on the hill.

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