Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 5

Today we gathered in the lobby at 930 and headed to the airport. We also received from our guide the note that was left with Lily when she was born by her birth mother. We found out more information about her birthplace while here. 
We took a group photo with our guide as we said goodbye to him today. 

She does great in the car and at the airport as well but terror breaks out when she encountered a seatbelt on the plane. China does not use seatbelts so this is a foreign concept to her. She screamed, I sat her on my lap and she didn't like having the belt around us both. So we put her back into her seat. Needless to say dans hand felt the brunt as he was holding the belt buckle and she was pinching him to get it off. Finally I brought her again to my lap in hysterics and she calmed down and didn't mind the belt. I think I will have a seat buddy on the long trips to the states. I love the snuggles so it's ok! She is a snuggle bug too. 

We made it to the hotel and it's amazing. It's a 5 star hotel where dignitaries come( why are we here) and we are in a suite! Each room has a separate central air controller. Ah the only bad thing when we went for dinner the difference in temps were drastic. It's 102 here and really really hot. Yeah for AC. 

Below are some photos of our group. 
Tomorrow we are going to the doctors in the morning, please pray as she will be getting a TB shot and neither one of us are allowed to go in. My understanding is that's how it's done here. She's terrified of strangers so she will be really really upset. 

She's starting to warm up to dan a little more. She loves bath time so we are letting Dan do that. They have a great time and then they both take their cold medicine together! 

She is such a delight and is chatting up a storm and dances around the room singing and laughing. Truly the joy of the Lord shines thru. 

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