Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 3

Today was a sight seeing tour day.  We went to a huge park and walked around in the rainforest  like weather. All of us were sweating buckets. We walked around for about 2 hours and then went to a open air market that we were able to find a few gifts at. 

One thing Lily is doing a lot is going to the potty. You can tell she didn't get enough water because she loves water. With drinking water it brings lots of potty breaks and our girl is a master squatter on the squat potty. This is our biggest bonding time. 

She lets Dan in with some snuggles and lets him do things conditionally at this point. This is mainly due to all her nannies being females and she is just not use to males. 

We are so so enjoying her and all the joy she brings to us in just one glance. She has started talking a bit more and has said a few English words.  She says "I need to use the bathroom, and Mama". 

We have a down day tomorrow as the others are visiting the orphanages but we decided along with our guides input that we didn't think it would be best to go. We did find out she was born in a different city and brought to a supermarket which then transferred her to a police station which then they transferred her to the nearest orphanage. So our guide said he could get us some photos of the city when he goes at some point. it's way to far for this trip to go. 

One of the most amazing things that I realized on the first day is her left foot has two toes fused together and it makes a heart on the tips. This is special for a few reasons. First, God did a work in my heart with letting Him show me His love by hearts each day in random places. Second it's a symbol and physical symbol from the Lord to remind her she is made with love from the Lord. What a beautiful thing to be able to share with her soon. 

Please continue to pray for bonding and rest. She is sleeping 10 hours each night but we get up to make sure she's good. Both baba and Lily have colds so they both take a herbal tea (from local herbalists) a few times a day. Please pray as we travel Friday to another part of China for the U.S. Consulate and her doctors checkups. The doctors will give a TB shot which will hurt bad so please pray for that as we can't go with her in the doc office for the shot.

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