Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chinese official day

We made if official in China. now we waited papers to take with us Frida to the next hotel and province. Lily is doing well, she had a full 10 hours of sleep last night and even managed to pee on mama. (Welcome to motherhood). She is a delight and is super snugly with Mama. While she let Baba hold her and feed her for breakfast today while going to the offices all she preferred was mama to hold her. I was sweating buckets but  was so worth the snuggles Our hearts are full of so much joy as wow, she is amazing! Those eyes are captivating! 

We had some art fun today as well as pool time. We made it only to the edge of the pool but that was progress as we had to wait 20 minutes to do that. We had progress!!  

Tonight we are heading to dinner to celebrate! 

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