Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day 1

We meet Lily in 2 hours and 15 minutes. We came back from breakfast and had a little gift on our bed.
See photo below.

We just boarded our first plane headed to Shanghai. it's a little unreal that we are going. We got to the airport and got in the wrong airline check in counter. we had to go over to Korean Air  which had a huge line and we were a little concerned we might not get in in time. Praise God we made it with 10 minutes to spear to the gate so we got breakfast and coffee. neither of us slept last night really well waking up throughout the night.

On the plane we met some new friends who are adopting a 8 year old girl and we will meet up with them at the garden hotel. They adopted a little girl about a year ago and had such a great experience and decided to do it again.

Woo Whoo, it's really getting real. our new friends Chuck and Beth are adopting a 8 year old girl.. We have been able to share stories of the journey so far and things we hope for with our daughters. Wow even that sounds really strange to say.

As we were leaving we thought about when we step back into this airport we will have a daughter. Oh what will life be like.

We have an 1.30 hours flight to Shanghai and then We will change airports and fly to an nanning.

We got a metro train ticket from the first airport and figured out where to go. While on the train (if we have learned anything in Asia its when everyone does something and you don't chances are you are wrong) a kind lady was leaving with everyone and and told us if we were going to this airport we needed to change trains. Thank you Lord for sending her. We are now on another train and its glorious as the train moves it's a wind tunnel of breezes and ah it feels good. there is even a little girl singing let it go super loud in English!! Woot woot, this metro feels just like Korea except the language. Thankfully the destination names are in English.

We are headed to hongqio airport. We got to the airport, and had a gate change and are finally on our plane.
We just boarded  and we are sitting in an exit row. The funny thing is there's a spot outside the plane that says cut plane here. I laughed, but realized I wouldn't be laughing during it.

I am getting super excited. I found myself as we are checking in at this airport looking at the ladies behind the counter and my mind and heart wondered about Lily's mom. what is she doing now? We do know that Lil y was loved because her mother wrapped her and put her at the police station. So we know she loved her or she would have just put her anywhere and not wrapped up. 

There is no turning back. It reminds me of that song I HAVE  DECIDED TO FOLLOW Jesus.  We are all in with Jesus, not during back. Thinking about how when we are adopted into Gods family we are in. That's it. Nothing an separate us

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