Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 6

Well, today started out rough for our little one. Today was the medical checkup and we went to four stations. Lily broke down waiting in line for the first one. She was so upset all throughout the process and all we could do was reassure her we were there and it was ok. The worst and best moment was in the general doctors office where she had to remove her pants and shoes. She started thrashing her legs this was the worst for us to see, however she was sweet when she cried out for Mama. That was the first cry for mama by name. It was so so hard to see her go thru this, but we had to reassure her it was ok. The last station was a TB Shot area where we had to give her over to the nurses and we could not go in. All we could do was listen and pray from the outside. Argh was so hard. However we were the heroes when she came out as she reached out to us. We decided to get her urine tested too since she's been peeing about every 30 minutes but then again she drinks a lot of water. At the orphanage they were allowed to go twice per day. We wanted to check for any infection just to be safe. 

After several attempts and even stage fright when Baba came in the bathroom with us, the second time we managed to get enough and with that all of us left the medical building.  
Lily and I headed back to the room as Dan and others went shopping. We took a lazy afternoon and decompressed. She was back to her bubbly self on the bus back. 
Mama and Lily did manage to take a trip to a coffeehouse.  Don't tell Dan it was at Starbucks!  As dad was filling out more paperwork for Lily's American Visa we sat and drank our drinks.  Lily was cute as she came and welcomed Baba as he came back into the room.  
This evening we took a walk and Baba even got to hold her (she prefers me).  We are working on Baba and Lily time as he has bath duty as this juncture and she loves it. 

Tonight we went for dim sum and oh boy was it yummy. He wait staff fell to Lily's charm one by one and when we left she said bye bye to all of them and they all were smiling ear to ear. See photo below,with momma and Lily having a Kodak moment with chopsticks. She's picking up how to use them really well. She also is grasping the fork too as both really were foreign concepts to her. In her orphanage she was fed with everyone sitting on bouncy balls around a table and the nanny would feed a scoop of Congie  ( think seafood porridge) one by one. This breaks my heart. We are learning foods she likes and doesn't like. 

After dinner we strolled in the garden at the hotel and got some great photos of crossing a path on rocks with mom, and looking at fishes with baba. Now we return back to the room where bath time has begun. She got lollipop sugar in her hair and in mamas hair from this morning. 

One other fun thing today she has been naming colors in English ( slurred English) but English much the same. She have an app for preschoolers on the iPad and she repeating colors too as well as repeating from momma too. 

Her little voice is simply amazing. Her laugh will melt the strongest of hearts. 
Thank you to those of you praying and sending kind words. Tomorrow we go on a trip in the morning to a nearby village with sightseeing and shopping. Tomorrow afternoon we will take an easy night. 

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