Saturday, August 22, 2015

Farmers Market

Today we went to a local farmers market which was another first for Lily.  The vegetables were so fun to look at. The local grown sweet corn, the local grown potatoes, squash and even cheese!
I just wanted to run through the streets singing with a huge smile but alas I contained my excitement and channeled it through the lens. 
Its things like this, (the farmers market) that make me miss the states terribly. We both love the midwest and the ease of life here.  Simple ease.

Lily is continuing to bond well with both of us more and more. We love all the giggles, the hugs, the little personality.  We are amazed that the Lord has chosen us to be her parents. We are getting to know more and more when shes tired, when she upset and mostly when shes peopled out. She is an introvert and needs time away from people often. This looks like painting, playing with playdoh, reading or using an education app on the ipad.  This has been huge for us to get to know since we are staying with our parents. The downstairs is her safe space where she can let loose and relax. We have not had many people here. She has not spent time with my brother and sister in law but only a few of their kids so she gets a little time with kids. Kate had to be carefully introduced to her slowly and then they bonded a bit. Lily still is behind Kate (who is around the same age) but she is super gentle with Lily and shows her things in a kid way that we can't. What a blessing. Lily does not like loud abrupt voices or people. Even at the market today she needed both of us around her. She held on to dad and watched to make sure momma was there too.

We went to the eye doctor to make an appointment to get our eyes checked. We had hoped to get hers done too but as soon as we walked up to the place she started getting upset. So, we will wait for her eye checkup. She loved sitting in a shopping car with a little belt on. In fact momma just put her in the cart and she pointed to the belt and said MAMMA!  Ok, I will put it on you.

She is such a detail in the right place type of gal!  We are watching to see what her dominant hand is. I think its left so far but its still up in the air as she uses both!

She is full of spunk and has a strong will but its all wrapped up in a shy quiet little one. When she is in her safe spot she is so talkative! We love it, but I love most about her is her empathy. Even at the farmers market she came across a little one in a stroller who was crying and I looked at her and her eyes were fixed on that child.  Also today I was changing my insulin infusion site and she was so concerned and handed me everything I needed without me even telling her or asking.  Seriously this kid!
 I have to find this bumper sticker!
 Beloit Farmers Market
 The veggies were amazing and I had some culture shock as we can not get most of these.

 Korea does not have sweet corn on the cob! AH! I love the midwest!
 Baba and Lily

 Fresh mini donuts

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  1. The sweet corn has been my favorite part of being back home. Okay, maybe not the most favorite but it's up there on the list!
    I love that you blog about your journey with her, especially for us that have moved away and won't be able to meet her anytime soon. You three are constantly in our prayers!