Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 4

Today was a down day. Other families went to see the orphanages but we decided with our guides advice to not go. So we enjoyed time together having giggles and laughed as a little family. After breakfast we walked out to a park close by the hotel and we fed some fish and strolled for about 45 minutes. We headed back to the mall where we introduced Lily to her first coffee house. NO SHE DID NOT HAVE COFFEE, just in case you were wondering. She had water and a fruit snack while Baba and I enjoyed a iced coffee. It's funny her first place was Starbucks because Dan really dislikes Starbucks. 

We went to a Thai place for lunch and were followed by this German lady who was recruiting for her German school here. This lady followed us into the place and Lily looked at her like saying " lady, you are disrupting our lunch leave us be". 

We went back to the indoor play place again and did some great building. We had a new little friend helping build our towers. see photos below. 

Also today Dan ran to the lobby to check in with his seminary and leaned to me and gave me a kiss which he then turned to Lily. Much to his surprise he was received with a kist face right back. We both looked at each other and cried 

She is such a joy and really is concerned for those that are feeling something around her. I think, this has to do with her helping in the orphanage but when I was changing my insulin pump site she came over and would not leave my side until I was done. She even took the pump as it was beeping and handed it back to me. She also comes over when I am checking my sugar and makes sure things are ok and then zips my case back up for me. What a sweetheart! 

We fly tomorrow to the next province so please be in prayer as this is her first flight and we are praying she enjoys it as we have long flights later in the week back to the states. 

I will surely document this experience of hers as I have been doing. 
Thank you all for so many prayers and kind wishes. We really could not even have met her or done this without the community that brought her to us. We are overwhelmingly grateful for all of you. 

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  1. It is such pure joy to see pictures of you guys finally united with your little girl. We are so very happy for you. Enjoy the journey!