Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 8

We figured out why she does a little thing she does at the dinner table when we are out. She takes her shoes off, this is because at the orphanage they ate on bouncy balls and had to remove their shoes to get on them to eat.  

She is starting to show lots more personality in how she is eating. The first few days she ate everything we gave her now she tells us what she doesn't like. She is also eating really well.  She does not like anything green, onions, milk and cheese.  But she loves bananas oranges, sausage, yogurt and apple juice. 

She is learning how to brush her teeth and this morning after breakfast she learned how to make a paper airplane with baba. Lily also skyped with pong pong (Beckes dad) this morning for the first time. She wasn't sure about it but said bye bye pong pong when we hung up. 

We went to one of the local stores ( think Walmart type) called aeon. We got a few things for her there. We then returned to the hotel and spent time at the pool where she ventured in the deep area of the kiddie pool and then into the big people's pool. She did such a great job and she was fearing less. Woohoo.

We had a dinner cruise tonight on the river and it was a great time. The food was ok,fellowship great and the view amazing. See photos below. The thing that happened tonight that was huge was dan was able to take Lily potty. Woohoo!! Then upon returning she sat on his lap for a brief moment to have ice cream! 

We are now settled into bed as we have a big day tomorrow as its our U.S. Consulate appointment to get her visa for the states. It's an early morning so this tired momma is signing out. 

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