Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day 7

Day 7

Today we were able to Skype with Oma and Opa Haas and introduce them to Lily. 
We met the rest of our group at 915 for a group photo and it was off to a tourist spot. It is the Chan's family house for many generations.  The house is now set up with many artists from the region.  After the forty minute stop we were taken to the Jade and Pearl district.  As it is Chinese custom, to give your daughter a pearl, we bought her a necklace and earrings for her wedding day. After these expos we journeyed back to receive our final paperwork for our U.S. consulate 'hearing', which will enable us to give Lily citizenship!  

We celebrated with a cake that was accidentally delivered to our front door at ten PM last night, then read the paperwork.  Our daughter was abandoned the day she was born, at a supermarket near the border of Vietnam, and China.  An unknown person alerted the police and they took her to the orphanage. Who? We know the police officers name but this all we know.  The important part is our daughter was placed in a cardboard box, with a sign that stated her birthdate only.  The orphanage gave her the name 'Fang Hi'.  Why important? One we have her! Two she could have been thrown into the river instead! 
When we squared away all the paperwork, we headed out to the kiddie pool.  Lily stayed in the shallow end and tried to splash mom, who was snapping away with her camera. We made some progress with the pool as before is she would not go near the pool!
After dinner with our friends, the Knotts, we are back in our room unwinding. 

We have a slower day tomorrow which includes waiting for the TB results and then a river cruise in the evening. 

For now, enjoy our beauty!

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